Meet Our Support Staff

Our friendly staff will put you and your pet right at ease when you come to our animal care clinic. Our Support staff take the time and dedication that not only your pet but you are receiving the best care possible! It’s our goal to make sure your pet has everything he or she needs to stay healthy and fun-loving. Call (415) 400-5754 to schedule an appointment to make sure your pet is up-to-date with his or her vaccinations or put your annual checkup on the books.
  • Adriana F
    Practice Manager

    Adriana has been a Veterinary Technician for over 8 years with 2 of those years being in emergency services and critical care so you will most definitely see her on the floor assisting in any way that she can! When she is not at work she enjoys being creative and spending time with her two beautiful daughters watching Disney movies. She has 4 beloved pets, a GSD (Luna), two corgi's (Peaches and Cream) and her Black Cat (Toothless.)

  • Veterinary Support Staff

    Brianna F. - Veterinary Technician

    Irene L, RVT - Veterinary Technician

    Dana D. - Veterinary Technician

    Jessika - Veterinary Technician

    Bailey - Veterinary Assistant 

    Anna - Veterinary Assistant

    Nallely - Veterinary Assistant

    Ericka - Veterinary Assistant

    Xavier - Veterinary Assistant


  • Customer Service Representatives

    Iris S. - Customer Service Representative

    Cambria C. - Customer Service Representative

    Miguel C. - Customer Service Representative

    Gabriela - Customer Service Representative 

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We are open during COVID19 with procedures in place. Visit our blog and read further on what we are doing to protect our pet parents and team members.

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Urban Pet Hospital will be closing on the following holidays : Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Years Day. We thank you for allowing our team to spend these holidays with their families.