Traveling with your pet!

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If you want to travel internationally with your pet, you need to plan ahead. Since each country is different, we recommend you visit the USDA APHIS pet traveling website that can break down each country’s requirements.

Although every country has different requirements, ALL international travel requires a health certificate is done by a USDA-accredited veterinarian. Dr. Adams-Berg is our only USDA accredited veterinarian at this time. If you are not a client, you would need to establish care with our facility and please be sure you bring your pets’ records in with you to the establishing care appointment.

What to expect

Before your visit we ask that you personally research what is needed for wherever you plan on traveling to, you might’ve been directed to this page by our receptionist to help guide you to the process of being able to research what is needed for your travels.

If you’re traveling internationally for the first time with Urban Pet Hospital you would need to book a phone consultation with our traveling expert, Adriana. She will be able to speak with you regarding your plans, how to move forward and what to expect during your traveling requirement completion with Urban Pet Hospital.

Domestic Traveling

When traveling domestic the USDA APHIS (United States Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service) has provided a website where you can visit and view what every state requires from you when arriving and traveling to this state.


We follow the guidelines required by the USDA, please keep that in mind when you are booking your appointments. Please keep in mind this is to ensure a safe and stress-free traveling experience for you and your furry friend.

Some states require a CVI (Certificate of Veterinary Inspection) in order to be able to enter the state, Urban Pet Hospital is able to process these certificates for you. We are also able to provide a regular Health Certificate (7001) in case they require one.

Airline Requirements We also recommend going on your airlines website and assure that you meet all your airline’s recommendations. Some airlines require health certificates while other airlines do not, we recommend speaking with them and checking in with their requirements before your appointment at Urban Pet Hospital can help us get you and your furry friend ready for travel! Please keep in mind that any forms that an airline requires us to fill and requires a DVM signature will come with a form fee.

Emotional Support Animals Airlines no longer accept this as an exception from airline requirements. ESA forms are not something Urban Pet Hospital is completing currently.

International Traveling

International Traveling can be extremely stressful, please allow us to try and guide you to the best of our knowledge to the right steps for a successful, stress-free travel experience!

The link below (same to the domestic travel link) is the USDA APHIS website that will tell you exactly what is needed for the arrival to the country of your choosing.


It will direct you to the country and you will follow the prompts, if you are traveling with your pet assure to click that option and follow their prompts for the correct requirements necessary.

Traveling Agencies We are more than happy to work with you and your elected traveling agency in regards to your future move and/or visit to another country. We currently require that you hire traveling agencies for the following countries:

o India o Australia o Hong Kong o Singapore

This list is continuously growing as many countries require certain permits to enter. If the country you are planning to travel to has any type of permit requirement, we will ask that you work with a traveling agency as that is not something we feel comfortable with completing at this time.

When working with a travel agency they will have a better understanding of certain permits and documents needed so it is always recommending but not always necessary. Adriana can discuss if this would be an ideal need during your phone consultation.

Testing Requirements

At this time Urban Pet Hospital is working with Kansas State University for all Lab and Serology testing.

These appointments should be booked with Monday-Thursday so we can ensure that the lab will be receiving the sample during their open hours. Please be sure your pet is fast for 12 hours prior to their blood sample draw.

Different testing can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks in order to get their results.

At this time KSU is not offering any expedited services and we unfortunately would not be able to expedite the process for you as is not available to us.

This can impede on your traveling plans, please keep this in mind when booking your appointment.

There are many countries that can require this type of testing, the link above can guide you to whether you may need this testing to travel.

USDA Certifications You will need to have all your certificates endorsed by APHIS (USDA office), due to COVID19 they have changed their protocols and procedures.

They are no longer accepting in person appointments and/or walk-ins currently.

We submit all our documents through their VEHCS system – please keep this in mind. You will not be receiving physical endorsed documentation on the date of your appointment.

The USDA receives this documentation via VEHCS, will ensure all documentation meets the countries requirements and then endorse. These documents are then packaged and either mailed to you or us depending on any additional treatment needed.

Endo and Ecto Parasitic Treatment

Your country of travel and or state of travel may require that you receive an Endo and/or Ecto treatment so many days before your travel date, it is important that you plan for the time it takes for you to arrive to your destination when receiving this treatment. We recommend that you do these treatments 2-3 days before your actual travel date if time allows.

If your pet receives their monthly flea/tick and heartworm treatment, please contact us before you decide to give it within the month you plan on traveling. We may need to give it in clinic and closer to your travel time!

We hope this helped answer some questions you may have and hope to be working with you and your furry friend soon!

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