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  • My dog was stung by a bee and had an allergic reaction on a Sunday and they saw her right away. Everyone was so caring and kind and informative because a bee sting could be deadly. I seriously appreciate being seen in a timely manner on the weekend to boot! And my girls a happy pup now too

    - Ellie R.
  • If you're looking for a doctor who actually cares for his patients and isn't just looking to make a quick buck, Dr. Garg is your guy. We got our girl Pomeranian, Lady, back in NYC and had her seen by a few vets for what seemed like a chronic case of reverse sneezing. None of these vets were able to answer our question as to why she was continuing to experience this and proceeded to put her on a lot of different types of medications. Dr. Garg took the time to test out a few different scenarios and was ultimately able to answer our question. Seeing Dr. Garg's dedication to his patients definitely swayed our decision to have Lady spayed at Urban Pet Hospital. Lady experienced no complications (both during the surgery and afterwards) and recovered well in the recommended two weeks. Would highly recommend Dr. Garg!

    Show More - Kahee L.
  • Urban Pet Hospital isn't my normal vet but, I was in a pickle last week as my dog "scotch" needed to get current on his vaccinations for a daycare center and I was lucky enough to get a last min appointment. There's a great yelp deal for first time customers ($20 bucks off) and the reception makes you aware of it even though I already knew. How nice, right!? Anyway, the person at reception was super friendly and our vet was right on time. He administered the bordatatella vaccine with ease and made my dog feel comfortable in the process. I didn't realize it was an oral vaccination so, pretty easy. It's a great vet with 5 stars across the board for obvious reasons.

    Show More - Benjamin F.
  • I took my dog in to get her updated vaccinations and checkup. The appointment scheduling was simple, and once I arrived they had great service at a reasonable cost. It was my first time here, but the receptionist, technicians and vet doctor knew what we were in for. It's like they all had studied up on each patient the night before. The whole team was super personable! I already scheduled my next appointment for my puppy.

    Show More - Jacquelin B.
  • I was beside myself when after spending nearly $1500 at other vets and pet hospital, our 5mo. old Bengal kitten, Max, was still going downhill fast. Dr. Adams and the entire staff were truly lifesavers, finally making the correct diagnosis and getting Max on the road to recovery at literally a fraction (and I mean a tiny fraction) of what the other 2 vets charged. Urban Pet Hospital will be our healing home from now on!

    Show More - Carsten S.

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